Welcome to tad3



The mission of tad3 is to facilitate data-driven decisions by delivering easily accessible, place-based data, accompanied by leading edge, dynamic visualizations.


All citizens have the tools and are empowered to use tad3 to increase their knowledge, make competent data-driven decisions, and tell their stories.


All activities associated with the development, maintenance and governance of tad3 are guided by an open framework that includes:

  • Open Data - Data are made easily accessible to all, at the smallest levels of geography available (e.g., block), while maintaining confidentiality
  • Open Government - All government data, including plans, documents, organizational charts and staff contact information, budgets, etc. are easily accessible
  • Open Organization - Content and priorities are guided by engaged citizens in a dynamic organization
  • Open Source - Refers to something people can modify and share because its design is publicly accessible

See OpenDictionary for all that open implies in this context.


Goals of tad3 include:

  • Act as a data intermediary that increases citizen knowledge, trust and engagement, so all are empowered to contribute to our community and democracy
  • Provide a consistent interface and powerful toolset for examining community indicators
  • Provide on-line training and education in relevant data-related methods and topics
  • Highlight government and public agency/program return on investment (ROI) and social return on investment (sROI)
  • Serve as a backbone data and collaboration system for collective action initiatives
  • Support those working toward equality and equity